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Game Credits

I'm making an effort to bring these up to date for 2005. There may be some inaccuracies because of changes in the game, or developers moving on to other things (but we still remember what you did for us!). And of course, many of the contact pages have disappeared (please
contact me if you'd like to remedy this).

The following people are or have been active contributors to "The Light Princess" development.

Production Team

Rosalyn Hunter Original concept, selection of game story, story planning and adaptation of story to game concept. CV
Terry Hancock Game design, engine review and design, art direction, project administration and management, website maintainence, scene-mapping and game programming. CV
Tyler Emma Lisa Nye Contributed a script adaptation of "The Light Princess". N/A
George MacDonald Wrote the story "The Light Princess" in 1864, and must be credited, even if he isn't affiliated with us in any way.

Software Developers

jm Generic graphic adventure game engine concept. Selection of Python, XML, SVG languages/formats for game development. Consultation and collaboration on game engine design requirements and specification. Some translation. Adaptation of PUB to XML game files (in progress?). N/A
Joshua Macy Python Universe Builder development. Currently updating PUB to compliance with Python 2.0. Also maintains MOOP, a MUD system that is related to PUB. SF Profile


Katherine Chi Character concepts: Princess, Prince, Queen, Chancellor's Daughter, Hum-Drum, Kopy-Keck, Castle Servant. Designs and modelsheets: Chancellor's Daughter, Hum-Drum, Kopy-Keck, Castle Servant, Queen. Additional consultation on character designs. Home Page
Daniel Fu Character concepts: Princess, Queen, Makemnoit. Designs and modelsheets: Makemnoit. Additional consultation on character designs and design process. Home Page
Corene "Nezumi" Werhane Character concept art and consultation on: the Queen, Makemnoit, Makemnoit's Cat, the Snake, Hermit, and costumes. Modelsheets: Makemnoit's Cat. Presently inactive. Home Page
Marc Yang Character concepts: Princess, Prince, King, Queen, Makemnoit. Designs and modelsheets: Princess and Prince. Additional design consultation. N/A
Items and other Art
Stephane Joly "Tatane" Contributed a body of his existing Skencil clip art work at Linux Graphics. Some of these will be used for "Items" or "Things" in the game. Home Page
Character 3D Modelling
In 2005, we decided to go with 3D, largely because it's easier. But we will need to create 3D models. So far, it's just
Rosalyn Hunter and Terry Hancock working on this, but a real Blender modeller or two could be a big help!
Settings and Props 3D Modelling
We also are looking for a lot of 3D models for the Kingdom of Lagobel. Terry Hancock is presently working on this, but could use help.


Although we've discussed it a fair amount on the mailing list, no actual sound or music has been contributed to the project. I am currently looking at using soundtracks from some other free-software games as a temporary track for demos and the like, but some original music would be a fantastic boost to the project.

Special Thanks

The following people are not actively involved with "The Light Princess," but deserve mention for software they wrote or essential consultation on game design and implementation issues.
Jeff Waddell Without his Linux Kids' Games project and mailing list, we would probably never have gotten the idea to do the Light Princess.
Doug Loss One of the originators of the adventure game development thread on the Kid Games' list that led to proposing "The Light Princess". Contributed a number of early design ideas.
Joseph Strout Original Author, Python Universe Builder.
Bernhard Herzog Author, Skencil (used to be called "Sketch"). Consulting and help with Skencil Animation extensions for AutoManga.
R. Timothy Edwards Author, Xcircuit. Consulted on using xcircuit for design and automatic coding of scene layouts. Added new features to support this use.
Ingo Ruhnke Extensive consultation on game engine issues. Demonstrated viability of vector-cel graphics for game graphics.

Inactive or Never Active

The following people were listed in the credits file, but have no significant content on the site or in the game. Some of them did help us to work out our ideas on the mailing list, or contributed to software that we are no longer using (but did consider):
Anders Lindstrom Author, SDL Graphics Extensions (SGE) This was originally going to be used in AutoManga, but we are planning to use PyGame instead.
Sylvain Martel Was going to contribute some music in 2001, but Various music for game (planned). Home Page
David Godbout French website maintainer (in 2001). Miscellaneous content translation. Inactive. The French website was kind of a failed experiment -- we're only committing to having site content in English now. SF Profile
Lise Kohan French content translations (new, March 2001). (Same note). N/A
Julien Claassen Consulting on sound design for game and engine considerations. Music? Presently inactive. e-mail

Selected Curriculum Vitae

Rosalyn Hunter
Rosalyn is the primary author of the script and text for "The Light Princess" game. She selected the text of "The Light Princess" by George MacDonald, and has developed a strategy for adapting it into an adventure game design. She is an amateur writer with a strong interest in fantasy literature as well as an avid adventure game player. She has wanted to develop an adventure game for a long time!

Terry Hancock
Terry is a long time science fiction and fantasy art fan, with some amateur art experience. He will be primarily responsible for game backgrounds, logos, layout, storyboards, and other incidental art for the game. He will be acting as "director" or "gatekeeper" for submissions -- trying to keep a consistent "look and feel" to the game.

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