Mailing Lists related to The Light Princess

Light Princess ML
The main discussion area for the game, The Light Princess. Pretty dated, but things will probably heat up soon. ;-)
Python Universe Builder ML
Discussion of the Py-Universe/PUB game engine. Discussion of "Emerald" will probably be here too (when we get to that, which will probably be a few months from now), since it is really an add-on for PUB.
AutoManga ML
Discussion of vector cel animation, the AutoManga tools for Skencil, and the library for displaying them with PyGame. Not yet active.
Skencil Users ML
Mailing list for users of Skencil. Great place for basic user questions, installation problems, and general information. Moderate traffic.
Gimp Users ML
Gimp users mailing list. Seems to be a bit of a problem with the certificate (just treat it as self-signed). There is also a List of Gimp Mailing Lists.
Elysiun (Blender)
PHP BB web forum for community of Blender modellers.
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