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Dramatis Personae

This is the list of characters from the story, linked to their respective character design pages. On these pages, we are collecting the information which will be required to write the formal character sketches for the engine as well as creating the character animation resources. Click on the picture or name to go to that character's page.

See below for Comparison Modelsheets.

Princess -- Marc Yang


Basic fairy tale heroine appearance, the story requires her to be "light" in the sense of fair and blonde as well as not having any weight. She has no gravity, because she was cursed at her christening by Makemnoit (We plan to represent her as if she were in free-fall for animation).

Since she has "no gravity" she also can't take anything, no matter how sad or serious, seriously. She laughs a lot, but doesn't like puns, and probably sounds a little hysterical.

Prince -- Marc Yang, color by Rosalyn Hunter


The player character. He's been searching a long time for an appropriate princess to marry, as he's much too royal to marry anyone but a princess, and none of them were good enough.

This suggests he's a bit haughty. And we see that indeed, he probably needs to learn something about caring for other people, too. In the story ending (and several game endings) he has to voluntarily agree to sacrifice his life to help the Princess. In the story ending, he is rescued, and they live happily ever after (although he doesn't make it in one or more game endings). I guess he's transformed by his love for the Princess.

Queen -- Corene Werhane (Incomplete Design)


The Queen still has black hair. We might presume she's quite a bit younger than the King, though still middle-aged.

She's very nice, but she teases the King a lot. And whereas, he hates puns, she likes them a lot. We also gather that her accent is not quite "royal." In the game, the queen is friends with a hermit who was once a counselor, but who punned once too many times around the king. Apparently he helped design her garden (this isn't really in the story, except for the identity of the hermit).

King -- Design Still Open


He once was blonde like his daughter, but probably has white hair now, and maybe is partly bald. He's probably late-middle-aged, as they had their daughter rather late (we suppose), and aren't going to have any others. Otherwise, he's a European fairy tale king.

Hates puns. Fairly serious (though other people think he's funny). Basically, he's the Queen's straight man.

Makemnoit -- Daniel Fu


"The wrinkles of contempt crossed the wrinkles of peevishness, and made her face as full of wrinkles as a pat of butter. [...] When she was angry, her little eyes flashed blue. When she hated anybody, they shone yellow and green."

She's the King's elder sister, therefore a Princess, and probably none too pleased that she didn't inherit Lagobel. She studyied witchcraft and lots of other things, and is probably really sharp. But she's also pretty spiteful and wicked, which is why she bothered to curse the Princess.

Chancellor's Daughter -- Katherine Chi, color by Rosalyn Hunter

Chancellor's Daughter

Good friend of the Princess.

In the game the chancellor's daughter will be a character that the prince must interact with. She also opens the door to her house and he must talk to her to get to the chancellor who can get him into the castle.

The chancellor's daughter is pretty and much more grounded than the princess, She is very nice, and she must be very patient to deal with a princess who is never serious for a moment.

Hermit -- Design Still Open


Somewhat overweight, pretty happy guy. He was once the King's counselor, but lives pretty well by himself now, up in the mountains outside of Lagobel. He's kind of a heavy wine-drinker though, and frequents the valley to resupply and chat with the vineyard owners. He's very friendly, and doesn't even take offense to the Prince talking down to him at the beginning of the game. He's also into greek mythology, and likes to quote it from time to time.

Beggar -- Design Still Open


You meet the beggar on day one. He can become a good friend of the Prince and help him solve puzzles if he gets on his good side. The thing that I want to emphasize is that he is a professional. He supports his family by begging, so it's all about appearance. I want him to look really pathetic. His house is a pile of trash and junk covered with cow dung. He looks like he has sores on his legs and face. However, when you get on his good side, you realize that this is all a sham. He is a family man. If you can force yourself to enter his house of dung, you notice that it is neat and nicely appointed inside, and the sweet wife and the smiling children greet him as he enters.

HumDrum -- Katherine Chi


Hum-Drum was a Materialist, and Kopy-Keck was a Spiritualist. The former was slow and sententious; the latter was quick and flighty; the latter had generally the first word; the former the last.

KopyKeck -- Katherine Chi


Hum-Drum was a Materialist, and Kopy-Keck was a Spiritualist. The former was slow and sententious; the latter was quick and flighty; the latter had generally the first word; the former the last.

This is an incomplete list. We'll be adding more character pages as they are developed. Some additional and undecided character art can be found on the Gallery Page, while additional character descriptions are available on the earlier character sketch pages (Page1 and Page2. If you have ideas or new artwork you want to contribute, pleas contact Terry Hancock. You should be able to tell from the omissions above what sorts of things are missing so far.

Comparison Modelsheets

These are comparison modelsheets we are using to show the relative sizes of the characters, and also to test mixing the work of different character artists. So far, there is just one, but it seems promising:
Chancellor's Daughter (Chi) and Prince (Yang), color by Rosalyn Hunter
Chancellor's Daughter and Prince

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