Welcome to the Light Princess Game Project!

Marc Yang's Princess

Back near the turn of the century, we started this project to make a graphic adventure game that was open-source.

We wanted a game that was interesting to play, with a good story and without too much violence. So, we decided to base the game on a children's story,"The Light Princess" (1864) a short story by the Scottish author George MacDonald because of his humor, use of language, and the fact that his work is out of copyright.

MacDonald creates a rich fairy tale world that is both humorous and touching. Also, the text, though well regarded, is not as widely known as many other children's literary works. So the story will be a surprise to most players.

A number of very fine artists were part of the team that created the look of this work.

We have been inactive for a number of years, however, and therefore we are looking for volunteers to breathe some new life into the project, as well as hoping to attract some of the people who worked on it before.

If you are interested in game design and would like to play this game, or otherwise see it happen, please join this project.

We need artists, musicians, animators, programmers, and testers. We want your creativity and a little bit of your time in order to bring back to life the game genre that we love so much.

This website is now more of a portal to all things related to the game: from here, you can access the Sourceforge project page, the development wiki, artist contributions forms (you will be able to upload art straight from your browser). It is a bit more utilitarian-looking, unlike the handcrafted original, but let's try to put the creative energy into the game itself!

We appreciate any help we can get.

Thanks in advance.
Rosalyn Hunter
Project developer / Screenwriter
Terry Hancock
Project maintainer / Director

Starting Points

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Most of the content is also linked to the Table of Contents, so that can serve as a site-map.

As of this writing, there's nothing in the Static FAQ, but there is also the Wiki FAQ.

In fact, if you are looking for more content, you might want to browse the "active" part of the website at http://light-princess.narya.net. We are running that site is running on our own Zope server, so we are not limited by Sourceforge site-usage restrictions (e.g. we can run Zope). Zope allows us to make things much easier for creative contributions to the project, such as the web upload form for artwork, mentioned above.

Software developers will be most interested in the Universe Game Engine documentation and the Game Engine Wiki Page which is for accumulating the information about the game engine framework we are going to use.

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